About Maria D.

In 2015, Maria D. (a graphic designer and lifelong lover of live music) left the 9-5 world behind and took a huge leap of faith - deciding to create a brand inspired by music and the culture surrounding the live music scene.

At first it started off as simply selling music poster art, along with freelance design, but over time it evolved and grew to the brand you see today - carrying concert posters, song lyrics art, clothing and accessories.

Taking influence from the insightful lyrics and the magical, free spirited nature of rock music and jambands, my goal is to create a brand that fills you up with joy - a feeling similar to seeing your favorite band! I hope my creations give you that feeling wherever you go; from hanging at home, to work, to the yoga studio, or of course - to a live show!

I have also been freelancing for the past 10 years, so feel free to shoot over a message if you are interested in a custom design - anything from logos, poster art, invitations, print and web advertisements, business cards, layouts, banners, T-shirts, and more! Contact us to discuss further details.

Getting out there, taking risks and believing in the power of creativity has made for such an exciting journey. Thanks for coming along for the ride and for supporting a small business!

“If you’re able to enjoy something, to devote your life to it or a reasonable amount of time and energy, it will work out for you”. ~Jerry Garcia